The Last Dance Documentary | Guest Rob Givens | Ep. 48 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

With the Last Dance documentary concluding last weekend, JT and The Don have dedicated episode 48 solely to discussing it.  In addition, they have their basketball, in-house expert making his first appearance on the show, Rob Givens.  You do not want to miss his expert opinion on the documentary!  The three of them discuss every topic you can imagine as they start with their biggest takeaway.  They also discuss what storyline they would have liked to seen more of, as well as the part they enjoyed most of the documentary.  The fellas and their special guest tackle the hottest topic of who is to blame for the breakup of the dynasty and if they should have tried for a seventh title.  Plus, don't miss what they say about the “flu game”, Dennis Rodman, MJ's most underrated teammate and opponent, the Air Jordan shoe series, and trivia time!  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Episode 48 Rundown

Overall Reaction/Takeaways – 3:45

What we didn't see – 13:35

Best Guest/Interview/Storyline – 19:00

Who Looked Bad? – 26:15

Scottie Pippen's Legacy – 34:00

Who is to Blame for the End of the Dynasty? – 35:46

Flu Game Reactions – 50:00

Dennis Rodman – 58:00

Jordan's Most Underrated Teammates – 1:01:55

Jordan's Most Underrated Opponents – 1:05:05

Bryon Russell – 1:09:55

Jordan's Leadership Style – 1:14:30

Best Air Jordans of All-Time – 1:29:35

Trivia Time – 1:37:35

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