NFL Preview Show | Elite Quarterback Concerns, Trey Lance, DeShaun Watson, Predictions, and more! | Ep. 113 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

It is time for JT and The Don's annual NFL Preview Show as we gear up for opening night of the NFL!  JT and The Don discuss which elite quarterback you should be concerned about leading into this season.  Plus, was it the right move by the 49ers to provide a new contract to Jimmy G and what does it say about their confidence in Lance.  The fellas also discuss who has more pressure this season, Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen.  For any preview show, you do not want to miss their predictions.  This and much more on the NFL Preview Show!  Enjoy and stay safe!


QB Concerns – 2:00

Trey Lance & Jimmy G. – 10:50

DeShaun Watson & Cleveland – 18:25

The Next Cincinnati Bengals – 26:50

More Pressure: Lamar or Josh Allen – 34:55

Award Predictions – 44:10

NFL Playoffs – 55:00

Super Bowl – 57:45


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