New Orleans Saints QB Dilemma, NFL MVP, Kansas City Chiefs and more! | Ep. 71 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

JT and The Don welcome their in-house resident expert on the New Orleans Saints and host of the What Off-Season? Sports Podcast, Adam Lewis, to the show!  He provides his insight on how the Saints should handle the return of Drew Brees.  Plus, all three of the guys debate who is currently the MVP of the NFL between Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers.  Can anyone in the AFC challenge the Kansas City Chiefs for the title?  Listen to what all three of the guys have to say.  Those topics, a preview of week 15 in the NFL, and more on this all NFL episode of JT and The Don.  Enjoy and stay safe!


Drew Brees or Taysom Hill? – 4:37

MVP – Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers? – 15:50

Can Anyone Challenge the Chiefs in the AFC? – 23:20

Drafting a Franchise QB – Lions, Giants & Washington – 33:00

Current NFL Veterans With Disappointing Careers – 43:50

NFL Week 15 Preview –

Weekend Predictions – 1:07:27

Trivia Time – 1:17:27


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