NBA Restart, MLB Early Takes, Jonathan Isaac, New England Patriots, College Football, and more! | Ep. 54 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

JT and The Don are back with another electrifying episode!  They finally have live sports to discuss, among some other hot topics in sports.  They discuss the biggest takeaways from the NBA restart and who they think will be in the NBA Finals.  They also give you their biggest takeaways from the first couple weeks of the MLB season and if they think the season will be completed.  Plus, you do not want to miss their discussion on Jonathan Isaac's decision to stand and not wear a Black Lives Matter shirt during the national anthem.  The fellas delve into college football by discussing the PAC-12 unity group, the ACC schedule, and Gary Patterson's poor choice of words.  You do not want to miss the heated debate of whether the NFL player's poll was correct in putting Mahomes at number four.  Sit back and enjoy the show!


NBA Restart – 1:37

NBA Finals Predictions – 9:45

Jonathan Isaac – 11:10

MLB Season – 31:35

New England Patriots Opt-out – 38:20

Will NFL Stars Opt-out? – 40:50

PAC-12 Unity Group – 43:13

ACC Football Schedule – 53:10

Racism at TCU? – 57:05

Patrick Mahomes v. Charles Barkley – 1:04:40

Best All-Time Performance in a Loss – 1:24:00

Top 3 Dirtiest Players of All-Time – 1:26:03

Surprise JT – 1:30:13

Trivia Time – 1:31:20


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