NBA Finals, Tampa Bay Lightning, NIL, and Sha’Carri Richardson | Ep. 87 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

JT and The Don welcome their first hockey analyst to the show, Carly Jensen!  Listen and learn why the Tampa Bay Lightning have become such a successful franchise and if this year's cup winning team is better than last years.  The NBA Finals have begun so that means JT and The Don are making their predictions.  Plus, they debate which player's legacy is more at risk with a loss, CP3 or Giannis.  The NCAA has approved the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) policy and the biggest debate is whether Reggie Bush should get his Heisman trophy returned to him.  You don't want to miss what the fellas have to say about that and if Sha'Carri Richardson should have her time reinstated so she can participate in the Olympics.  Enjoy and stay safe!


Stanley Cup Final – 1:39

The NBA Finals – 20:06

Name, Image, Likeness – 32:45

Sha'Carri Richardson – 50:20


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