Mike Tomlin v. Shannon Sharpe, Mac Jones, LeBron v. Zlatan, NBA Power Rankings, and more! | Ep. 78 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

Shannon Sharpe made the headlines this past week in calling out Mike Tomlin, was he correct?  JT and The Don discuss his comments plus the scouting report on Mac Jones and whether there is too much hype surrounding the former Alabama quarterback leading up to the NFL Draft.  Plus, Zlatan Ibrahimovic criticized LeBron James for delving into politics as an athlete.  Should athletes continue to mix sports and politics?  The fellas give you their opinion on that, the top 5 NBA teams currently, and much more!  Enjoy and stay safe!


Mike Tomlin v. Shannon Sharpe – 1:22

Mac Jones the Next Tom Brady? – 14:28

LeBron v. Zlatan – 23:22

Kobe as the NBA Logo – 34:00

Atlanta Hawks Fire Lloyd Pierce – 41:22

NBA Power Rankings – 47:41

Trivia Time – 52:00

Surprise JT – 54:00

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