LeBron vs. Kyrie, Jalen Hurts, Paul George Gets Paid, Michigan & Ohio State | Ep. 70 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

It is episode 70 of JT and The Don and the guys are as fired up as ever!  They discuss the benching of Carson Wentz and if Jalen Hurts can get Philly to the playoffs.  The fellas recap some of the storylines from Week 13 in the NFL and preview week 14 for the fans.  NBA preseason begins this weekend and Kyrie Irving gives his opinion on the only guy he has played with that he would feel comfortable taking a clutch shot, beside himself of course.  Paul George got paid this past week by the Clippers, was it the right move by the Clippers?  JT and The Don will give you the answer as well as their thoughts on whether Michigan fans should want Harbaugh to stay or leave.  All of that and more on JT and The Don!  Enjoy and stay safe.


Jalen Hurts – 2:58

Carson Wentz Era Over? – 6:30

Jets Tanking for Trevor – 12:00

Steelers/Washington Clock Management Error – 16:50

Michigan-Ohio State Canceled/Big 10 Title Game – 23:20

Jim Harbaugh – 25:36

LeBron vs. Kyrie – 32:30

NBA Load Management Policy – 46:08

Paul George – 48:56

NFL Week 14 Preview – 51:55

Weekend Predictions – 57:20

Shoutouts –

Surprise JT – 1:01:32


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