Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, NFL Trades, NBA Trades, and more! | Ep. 81 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

On this episode of JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast, the guys breakdown the San Francisco 49ers move up to the #3 spot in the NFL Draft.  Also, they give you their opinions on the trades by the Dolphins and who they think Miami will take at the #6 spot.  Plus, Chris Simms thinks Zach Wilson is the #1 quarterback prospect in this year's draft but find out if JT and The Don agree with him.  Ryan Clark went off on Juju Smith-Schuster and thinks he is insincere in his desire to stay in Pittsburgh.  However, The Don defends Juju and claims he is a Steeler type player.  The fellas give you their winners and losers of the NBA trade deadline and you don't want to miss this episode of Surprise JT.  Enjoy and stay safe!



49ers – 4:40

Dolphins – 11:00

Trevor Lawrence v. Zach Wilson – 17:00

Zach Wilson Overhyped? – 20:55

Justin Fields – 29:17

Juju v. Ryan Clark – 36:05

NBA Trade Deadline Reactions – 44:30

Final Four and COVID – 50:44

Surprise JT – 54:55


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