JT and The Don Episode 46 – Don Shula, Dennis Rodman, Terry Bradshaw, and more!

This episode of JT and The Don is action packed with everything!  JT and The Don discuss the coaching life of the late great Don Shula.  You do not want to miss who they have on their football coaching Mount Rushmore.  With the Last Dance currently airing, they discuss the importance that Dennis Rodman had on the '90s Bulls and on MJ.  Are we getting closer to live sports?  Well, the NBA might be trying to do so by playing all their games in Vegas or Orlando.  Listen to see if JT and The Don think that is a good idea or not.  Plus, listen to hear what Terry Bradshaw had to say about Tom Brady and if you agree with the original TB12!  The fellas also debate the Gronk trade, McCaffrey contract, the Madden cover curse, Peyton Manning as a GM, redrafting the 2013 NBA Draft, best NFL team of all-time, best NBA team of all-time, and much more.  Sit back, relax, get your popcorn ready, and enjoy the show!

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Don Shula – 1:20

NFL Coach Mt. Rushmore – 6:00

Dennis Rodman – 11:00

Are there too many sport documentaries now? – 18:20

NBA in Vegas – 21:00

Are athletes staying in shape during quarantine? – 29:30

Should the Power 5 CFB conferences breakaway from the NCAA? – 32:30

Terry Bradshaw says Tom Brady is not the GOAT – 42:50

Gronk trade – 47:20

Christian McCaffrey's new deal – 52:40

Peyton Manning as GM? – 1:01:40

Is the Madden curse real? – 1:08:10

2013 NBA Redraft – 1:16:00

Favorite all-time sports jersey – 1:21:35

Best NFL team of all-time – 1:23:10

Best NBA team of all-time – 1:24:15

Quick Hitters – 1:30:17

Surprise JT – 1:31:15

Trivia Time – 1:32:25