JT and The Don Episode 43 – Football, MMA, and throwback debates!

JT and The Don welcome another new guest this episode, Pittsburgh sports historian, Bob Gentile.  He explains what he thinks the Steelers will do with JuJu Smith-Schuster after the 2020 season.  Also, the fellas discuss the most recent legal troubles for MMA fighter Jon Jones.  Is Antonio Brown headed to the Ravens?  Plus, you will love the corona specific, throwback debates in which some are as old as time and others are new.  Which team is the best college basketball team of all-time?  Which team is the best college football team?  Well, that is not much of an argument but we still ask the question.  Who are the biggest chokers in sports history?  Best fictional sports movie character?  Which school is Running Back U?  The fellas and their guest answer these questions and more!  Enjoy and thank you for listening!

JuJu Smith-Schuster – 3:05

Rex Ryan's comments of Amari Cooper – 9:57

Bill O'Brien v. DHop – 15:51

Jon Jones arrested again – 21:02

AB to the Ravens? – 26:38

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar v. Shaq – 28:40

Best NCAA basketball team of all-time – 34:22

Best college football team of all-time – 40:44

Biggest chokers in sports history – 46:04

Pippen or Phil?  More important to MJ – 51:17

Best fictional sports movie character – 57:17

Which Rocky movie is the best? – 1:01:08

Over/Under on ACC football – 1:05:20

Running Back U – 1:10:03

Trivia Time – 1:22:10