JT and The Don Episode 41 – NFL Free Agency Special

Welcome to the NFL free agency special of JT and The Don!  If you have not been following all of the free agency action, then the guys will get you up to speed.  From Tom Brady leaving the Patriots to the release of Todd Gurley from the Rams, JT and The Don have it all covered.  Find out what JT and The Don think about Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay and if that is the right move for him, as well as for the Buccaneers.  Also, they breakdown the DeAndre Hopkins trade and if the Texans received enough in return.  Plus, did the Titans make the right moves in giving Tannehill a multi-year contract and franchise tagging Derrick Henry?  There is a qb shuffle occurring right now in the NFL, including Teddy Bridgewater, Nick Foles, and Philip Rivers, and the fellas give their opinion on which team made the right move.  Did JT's Dolphins do the right thing in making Byron Jones the highest paid cornerback in the NFL?  The fellas also give you their best, worst, and most underrated signing so far in free agency.  After this episode, you will be the smartest NFL fan in the room!  Enjoy and stay safe!

Tom Brady to the Bucs – 2:00

Tannehill and Derrick Henry – 12:30

DeAndre Hopkins traded – 19:20

Dak gets franchise tagged and Amari gets paid – 24:30

QB shuffle (Bridgewater, Foles, Rivers) – 28:45

Where will Cam play next season? – 34:20

Miami Dolphins break the bank for Byron Jones – 36:50

49ers trade DeForest Buckner to the Colts – 42:30

Kirk Cousins gets paid again – 47:38

Does anybody want Jadeveon Clowney? –  51:05

Should Jason Witten retire? – 57:30

Darius Slay traded to the Eagles – 59:40

Rams cut Todd Gurley – 1:02:00

Best, Worst, Underrated free agent signings – 1:05:00

Sports Confessions – 1:11:21

Surprise JT – 1:12:29