JT and The Don Episode 40 – Coronavirus, NBA MVP, NFL’S CBA, March Madness Moments, and more!

JT and The Don wish everyone the best during this pandemic and wish everyone safe health.  The coronavirus has disturbed everyday life but specifically to this episode, it has now changed the sport's schedule for this spring.  On this episode of JT and The Don, the guys discuss the changes and why it was necessary.  They have some heated debates on the current MVP race in the NBA between LeBron and Giannis, whether the proposed CBA in the NFL should be signed by the players, and which NBA player to build around between Luka, Trae Young, and Zion.  Plus, is the US Soccer Federation grasping at straws in its defense of the gender equality lawsuit brought by the US Women's National Soccer team?  Also, the fellas have some fun with what NFL rule they would implement for the 2020 season, the best and worst NFL free agent signing the past five years, and the one March Madness memory that stands out to them!  Don't miss this awesome episode!

Coronavirus fallout – 1:40

NBA “Doomsday” provision – 9:27

NBA MVP right now! – 14:55

NFL CBA proposal:  should the players sign it? – 22:00

USWNT lawsuit update – 30:00

Luka, Trae Young, or Zion? – 37:55

Knicks, Spike Lee, and Charles Oakley – 44:10

Brooklyn Nets drama – 53:30

76ers reached their ceiling with Embiid and Simmons? – 1:04:45

Draymond vs. Barkley – 1:09:44

Carolina Panthers tanking for Trevor Lawrence – 1:12:50

New NFL rule – 1:13:50

Best/Worst NFL free agency signings of the past 5 years – 1:15:45

March Madness memory – 1:22:00

Surprise JT – 1:27:47