JT and The Don Episode 39 – Yelich contract, NFL combine, Tom Brady destination, and much more!

This episode of JT and The Don starts off with a great discussion on the new extension for Christian Yelich.  Is it the right move by the Brewers?  Plus, are Tom Brady and AB planning on playing together in the 2020 season?  Reports are that Dak turned down $100 million guaranteed from the Cowboys and JT and The Don have a lot to say about that!  Tony Romo will be making $17 million a year working for CBS, is it fair that he will make way more than most NFL players?  Also, the fellas name the winners and losers of the NFL combine.  Plus, much more!

Christian Yelich contract – 1:46

Tom Brady and AB – 7:23

Dak and the Cowboys – 11:56

Tony Romo's CBS contract – 18:14

Joe Burrow, AJ Green, and the Bengals – 23:34

Deontay Wilder – 34:00

NFL combine recap – 40:22

Browns trading Odell? – 47:00

Maurkice Pouncey and CBA – 49:24

Quick Hitters – 52:57

Trivia Time – 54:53

Surprise JT – 56:14