JT and The Don Episode 37 – Super Bowl and NFL Season Review

It is the end of the 2019 football season and that means it is time to review the predictions by JT and The Don from way back in September.  Join them and laugh along with them on some terrible predictions (and a couple good predictions).  Plus, the fellas have their in-house resident NFL expert on the show to review the Super Bowl.  Did Kyle Shanahan mismanage the clock at the end of the first half?  Did George Kittle commit pass interference?  Also, listen to find out about predictions for the 2020 season.  Let's say goodbye to the 2019 season together!

Jimmy Garoppolo's season – 5:20

Review of season predictions – 10:30

Super Bowl review – 45:06

George Kittle torn labrum? – 1:07:02

Revis v. Sherman – 1:08:57

Sherman v. Jim Harbaugh – 1:14:37

Do the Chiefs repeat?  – 1:18:27

Tom Brady and Philip Rivers – 1:24:08

QBs of the future – 1:31:13

Quick Hitters – 1:41:25

Trivia Time – 1:48:40