JT and The Don Episode 35 – Zion, Eli, Super Bowl 54, and one cool debate!

Loyal listeners and first time listeners!  Welcome to another episode of JT and The Don.  This past week had some major stories and the guys are here to cover them in depth.  Is Eli Manning a hall of famer?  Listen to hear what JT and The Don have to say about it and if you agree with them.  Zion Williamson made his NBA debut this past Wednesday night and it will be remembered for a long time.  The fellas argue whether he will live up to the hype and if Ja Morant will be the better NBA player in the future.  Plus, don't miss what to look for in Super Bowl 54 and the predictions by JT and The Don.  Who has had the better overall career and how would you rank the careers of LeBron, Tom Brady, and Derek Jeter?  Don't miss the Hail Mary Predictions and some NFL trivia in honor of the Super Bowl.  As always, the fellas seem to argue about everything!  Enjoy!

Eli Manning Retires – 2:00

Zion Williamson – 9:45

Super Bowl 54 – 25:03

Better Career (LBJ, TB12, Jeter)? – 29:26

Hail Mary Predictions – 39:52

Surprise JT (NFL Trivia) – 42:14