JT and The Don Episode 34 – National Title Game, NFL Playoffs, Kuechly Retirement, Joe Brady, Miami Heat, and much more!

Welcome back to another exciting episode of JT and The Don!  There is so much to cover in this episode that JT and The Don have argument after argument.  First on deck is the College Football National Championship Game.  JT and The Don discuss Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, and whether LSU can repeat.  The NFL divisional round provided some surprises and the guys make their prediction on the championship games.  Plus, don't miss what the fellas have to say about Luke Kuechly retiring, Joe Brady to the Panthers, the Rooney rule, Miami Heat, WNBA, and the Houston Astros.  Enjoy!

National Championship Game – 2:05

NFL Divisional Round

Packers v. Seahawks – 21:05

Ravens v. Titans – 28:12

Chiefs v. Texans – 38:04

Vikings v. 49ers – 48:24

NFL Championship Games

Titans v. Chiefs – 57:24

Packers v. 49ers – 1:02:30

Luke Kuechly Retirement – 1:07:04

Joe Brady – 1:14:17

Rooney Rule – 1:19:26

Miami Heat Superteam? – 1:50:05

WNBA Salaries – 1:56:13

Houston Astros – 2:00:33

Quick Hitters – 2:09:03

Sport Confessions – 2:22:30