JT and The Don Episode 29 – Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Patriots, Cleveland Browns, and more NFL!

JT and The Don are back after eating way too much for Thanksgiving.  They have a lot of football to cover for their fans.  Who is to blame for the decline of the Cowboys?  Are the Buffalo Bills for real?  Should the Patriots bring back AB?  Is Taysom Hill worth the value of a starting NFL contract?  Is Freddie Kitchens the reason why Cleveland lost the rematch to the Steelers?  Should the Pelican fans have booed Anthony Davis on his return to New Orleans?  JT and The Don help you answer all of these questions and more!  Plus, don't miss their weekend predictions.

Dallas Cowboys – 2:20

Buffalo Bills a threat to the Patriots? – 13:40

Should the Patriots bring back AB? – 17:55

Taysom Hill – 22:00

Browns vs. Steelers Part 2 – 28:05

Philadelphia Eagles broken? – 32:00

Anthony Davis returns to NOLA – 41:21

Should the Spurs trade DeMar DeRozan? – 45:40

Bill Peters – 56:05

Quick Hitters – 1:03:51

Dak or Wentz? – 1:04:13

Did NY Giants want Mahomes? – 1:04:28

GM/head coach not to return next year? – 1:06:30

Conor McGregor is back – 1:08:00

Weekend Predictions – 1:08:56