Joe Burrow Injury, NBA Draft Recap, NBA Season Preview, College Football Playoff Rankings, and more! | Ep. 68 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

It's a Thanksgiving edition of JT and The Don!  They bring back a couple prior guests during the holiday week to have some fun and talk sports.  First, Rob Givens breaks down the NBA Draft and free agency.  Him and the fellas discuss which players and teams won the draft, as well as who and which teams lost the draft.  Plus, they give their season predictions for the upcoming NBA season.  Coach Conor Cassidy joins the show to discuss the first release of the College Football Playoff rankings.  Him and the fellas debate which teams can make a run at the top 4 and which teams can decide who makes the playoffs.  Also, they give their top 4 playoff predictions.  JT and The Don delve into the Joe Burrow injury and Taysom Hill's performance from this past Sunday in place of Drew Brees.  They wrap up the show with weekend predictions and surprise JT!  The fellas would like to give a big thanks to all of their listeners and guests.  Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!


NBA Draft Reactions – 2:30

Draft Winners (Players) – 6:40

Draft Losers (Players) – 12:36

Draft Winners (Teams) – 24:10

Draft Losers (Teams) – 27:41

NBA Free Agency Recap – 32:40

NBA Season Expectations – 41:30

NBA Season Predictions – 43:50

College Football Standouts – 54:10

Surprise CFB Teams – 1:02:52

Disappointing CFB Teams – 1:09:50

8 Team College Football Playoff Rankings? – 1:19:15

CFP Rankings – 1:26:53

Joe Burrow Injury – 1:51:20

Taysom Hill – 2:02:54

NFL Week 12 Preview – 2:11:00

Weekend Predictions – 2:17:12

Shoutouts – 2:18:25

Surprise JT – 2:19:55


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