James Harden Trade, CFB Championship Review, Pittsburgh Steelers, DeShaun Watson, and much more! | Ep. 74 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

James Harden was finally traded on Wednesday and JT and The Don breakdown the trade for you and what this means for the title hopes of the Brooklyn Nets.  The college football season is now over but there was one last game this past week, the College Football Playoff National Championship!  JT and The Don discuss the major topics as a result of the Alabama victory over Ohio State.  Plus, the NFL coaching carousel continued this week with the firing of Doug Pederson.  Should he have been fired?  Also, will DeShaun Watson be traded to the Dolphins for Tua?  What are the next moves for the Pittsburgh Steelers after their playoff loss to the Cleveland Browns and is Juju Smith-Schuster to blame for it?  These answers and more on this episode of JT and The Don.  Enjoy and stay safe!


James Harden Trade – 1:57

Kyrie Irving – 13:57

Brooklyn Nets' Title Odds – 17:47

Nick Saban Legacy – 21:30

Jaylen Waddle Playing Injured – 23:37

Devonta Smith Top 3 Draft Pick? – 30:52

Greatest CFB Team of All-Time – 35:27

Bill O'Brien to Bama – 36:47

DeShaun Watson Potential Trade – 43:02

Tua Tagovailoa – 48:47

Next Head Coach of the Houston Texans – 55:05

Doug Pederson Fired – 57:34

Next Head Coach of the Eagles – 1:05:37

Pittsburgh Steelers – 1:09:46

Juju Smith-Schuster Dancing – 1:18:47

Lamar Jackson's Amazing Run, Best Ever? – 1:24:02

Weekend Predictions – 1:28:04

Surprise JT – 1:31:17

Trivia Time – 1:31:57

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