James Harden, CP3, Russell Wilson Stops Cooking & More! | Ep. 67 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

This episode of JT and The Don starts with some NBA basketball.  In particular, hear what JT and The Don have to say on where Harden should go if he is to be traded to either the Brooklyn Nets or the Philadelphia 76ers.  They also give you their thoughts on the Chris Paul trade to the Phoenix Suns and what it means for the future of Devin Booker.  Is Russ done cooking?  See which host thinks he might be done and which host is annoyed by the question.  JT's Dolphins are winners of five straight games but are they legit playoff contenders?  You don't want to miss their current top 5 running back list and who missed the cut.  The fellas also discuss the LSU football scandal, the NCAA Tournament in May, and much more!  Another great episode in the books.  Enjoy and stay safe!


James Harden – 2:15

What Went Wrong with the Rockets – 8:05

Chris Paul – 12:30

DeAndre Hopkins Miracle – 18:30

Is Russell Wilson Done Cooking? – 23:10

Are the Miami Dolphins for Real? – 31:00

Top 5 Running Backs in the Game – 34:50

LSU Football Scandal – 37:00

College Basketball May Madness – 43:00

Week 11 NFL Preview – 45:53

Weekend Predictions – 53:32

Shoutouts – 56:00


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