Guests: Stuff About Sports, NFL Championship Game Recaps, Brian Flores v. NFL, Tom Brady Retires, Super Bowl Trivia, and more! | Ep. 99 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

JT and The Don are joined by Jerm and Bert of the video podcast Stuff About Sports and this episode is fire!  You don't want to miss them breaking down how the Chiefs had a meltdown against the Bengals.  Is the window closing or closed for the Chiefs making another run to the Super Bowl?  Plus, the four of them explain how Sean McVay overcame his kryptonite in Kyle Shanahan.  The biggest headline this week in the NFL was Brian Flores' class-action lawsuit against the NFL and the teams.  The fellas give you their thoughts on the decision by Flores and provide great insight into what impact this will have on the NFL, coaches, and the future of football.  While the writing was on the wall, Tom Brady announced his retirement after 22 seasons in the NFL.  In honor of TB12, the guys discuss his best moment, if he is the best team player of all-time, and who they have on their all-time, all sports Mount Rushmore!  Listen to find out if you agree and test your Super Bowl trivia knowledge against theirs.  Enjoy and stay safe!


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