Guest Ubaldo Jiménez | Guest Edwin Bonilla | Ep. 51 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

This is a special baseball episode of JT and The Don as the fellas welcome in two outstanding guests.  They interview Colorado Rockies pitcher, Ubaldo Jiménez and head baseball manager of Miami High, Edwin Bonilla.  JT and The Don bring the heat as they delve into “the flu no-hitter” by Jiménez in 2010.  Find out what the two guests have been up to during social distancing and how they are staying connected to baseball.  Also, Ubaldo gives his thoughts on whether there will be a 2020 MLB season and what he thinks is keeping the two sides from coming to an agreement.  Plus, JT and The Don ask Ubaldo his favorite ballpark to pitch in, who he idolized growing up, most challenging batter he faced, craziest baseball story he has been a part of and much more!  You do not want to miss this interview with Ubaldo and Edwin.  Enjoy!

Intro. – 1:05

Ubaldo Jiménez MLB Start with Rockies – 4:00

No-Hitter – 5:25

Consecutive Scoreless Innings Streak – 9:50

Staying Sharp during Quarantine – 11:00

Will There Be a 2020 MLB Season? – 13:05

What's Holding Up the 2020 MLB Season? – 14:15

Universal DH Rule – 15:10

Favorite City to Play In – 18:20

Best Career Advice Received – 20:40

Best Career Moment – No-Hitter vs. 2009 WBC – 23:10

Baseball Idols – 26:00

Player Want to Play, Meet, or Talk with from any Era – 26:50

Craziest Baseball Story – 28:30

Sammy Sosa vs. Mark McGwire – 30:00

Toughest Batter to Face – 32:30

One Player Ubaldo Dominated – 33:40

Most Underrated Player – 34:33

2020 NL Award Predictions – 35:32

Expectations for the 2020 Season – 36:52


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