Guest Pro Football Player Kendall Calhoun | Annual NFL Preview Show | Ep. 57 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

It is the annual NFL Preview Show with your favorite hosts, JT and The Don.  This year they have a special guest on the show who knows a thing or two about the NFL.  Guest star Kendall Calhoun, a former standout at the University of Cincinnati and who has been on the roster of the Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, and the Washington Football Team, joins the show to give you his thoughts on the big storylines going into the 2020 NFL season.  He also joins the fellas in giving his predictions for the playoffs, rookie of the year award, MVP, the Super Bowl, and much more!  This show will get you ready for the season and give you an NFL story or two that will have you laughing.  Enjoy, stay safe, and football is back!  (Show note:  at the time of the recording of the show, Jadeveon Clowney had not yet signed with the Tennessee Titans).


Biggest Storyline – 2:31

Will NFL Players Boycott Games? – 12:14

QBs to Fall Off the Cliff – 21:59

Jadeveon Clowney – 28:58

Running Back Drama (Fournette & Kamara) – 43:21

Playoff Predictions – 55:00

Prediction:  Top 3 Offenses – 1:03:26

Prediction:  Top 3 Defenses – 1:05:07

Prediction:  Dark Horse/Sleeper Team – 1:09:30

Prediction:  Offensive Rookie of the Year – 1:12:05

Prediction:  Defensive Rookie of the Year – 1:13:53

Prediction:  Comeback Player of the Year – 1:16:27

Prediction:  MVP – 1:18:18

Prediction:  Offensive Player of the Year – 1:20:05

Prediction:  Defensive Player of the Year – 1:23:37

Prediction:  Super Bowl – 1:28:38

Ask Kendall Anything – 1:34:32

Storytime with Kendall – 1:40:50


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