GUAS Network Pod-A-Thon Raises $8,000 to Benefit The Childrens Specialized Hospital Foundation

by | Mar 16, 2024 | GUAS News

If there is one trait that sets the co-founder of the Give Us A Shot Network, Mike Powers, apart from the rest, it is his “make sh** happen” trait. From getting Alex Rodriguez on his podcast to getting his podcast picked-up by Fox Sports The Gambler (a Philadelphia-based iHeart Radio FM station), Mike is nothing less than a go-getter. So, when Mike decided out of thin-blue-air that he would host a “Pod-A-Thon” to raise $8,000 for the Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation, we never batted an eye. Our team immediately went to work to ensure Mike was set up and ready for his longest live stream ever. After 16 hours of eating, drinking, and podding, Mike successfully reached his goal.