Giannis, NFL Vaccine Debate, Damian Lillard, Lamar Jackson, and more! | Ep. 88 | JT and The Don All Sports Podcast

Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champs!  JT and The Don discuss whether Giannis will win another title in Milwaukee and whether it was the greatest NBA Finals performance ever.  Damian Lillard addressed rumors that he wants out of Portland but should he stay and try to win a title there?  The fellas answer that and what landing spot would be the best for Dame if he is to leave.  Also, Michael Irvin and Cole Beasley exchange social media posts about the correlation of getting the vaccine and the desire to win.  Plus, Lamar Jackson doubling as his own agent, is it a good move and what does it mean for the future of agents in the NFL?  Enjoy and stay safe!


Giannis & The NBA Finals – 2:50

Which NBA Superstar Needs a Title? – 14:45

Damian Lillard – 26:45

NFL COVID & Vaccine Drama – 35:40

Lamar Jackson – 47:00

NFL Players Getting Paid without Agents? – 51:00


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