DeShaun Watson, Davante Adams, and NFL Free Agency | Ep. 103 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

NFL free agency has been off the charts but the trades have stolen the spotlight.  This past week was no different as DeShaun Watson was traded to the Cleveland Browns and Davante Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders.  JT and The Don discuss whether it was the right move by Cleveland and why they think DeShaun picked Cleveland over the NFC South teams.  Also, Davante Adams got his wish with a long-term contract but it is not in Green Bay.  The fellas have their theories on why Davante wanted out of Green Bay, even though Aaron Rodgers re-signed there.  Also, was it the right move by the Raiders?  That answer along with the best free agent signing, most regrettable free agent contract, and most under the radar signing in this free agency period to date.  Enjoy and stay safe!


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