Dak’s Injury, Falcons Fire Quinn, Best NFL Team, LeBron’s Legacy, and more! | Ep. 63 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

JT and The Don are back with another new episode that is full of the hottest topics in sports.  They discuss the possible financial implications of Dak's major injury and if he should have signed the long-term deal the Cowboys previously offered.  The fellas tell you who the Falcons should hire as their next head coach to replace Dan Quinn.  Plus, they let you know who they think is the best team in the NFL right now and who the MVP favorites are moving forward in the season.  What is LeBron's legacy now that he won his fourth NBA title?  You will have to listen to hear what JT and The Don say about that and much more!  Don't miss trivia time and their weekend predictions.  Enjoy and stay safe!


Dak's Injury – 1:24

Falcons Next Hire – 11:53

Best Team in the NFL – 19:17

NFL MVP – 25:35

Mike Zimmer's 4th Quarter Decision – 30:28

Miami v. Clemson recap – 34:11

SEC Football v. COVID – 40:25

LeBron's Legacy – 44:30

NFL Week 6 Preview – 55:07

Weekend Predictions – 1:01:25

Shoutouts – 1:04:55

Trivia Time – 1:05:56

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