College Football Playoffs, New NFL COVID Protocols, NFL MVP, Kyrie Irving, and more! | Ep. 96 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

The College Football Playoffs are upon us and JT and The Don explain what storylines to watch for, as well as which players will be talked about (for good or bad) after the game.  Also on this episode, the NFL altered the COVID protocols but was it the correct move?  You don't want to miss the heat each of them bring in debating who they would vote for as this season's NFL MVP.  The fellas explain whether or not the Brooklyn Nets caved in allowing Kyrie Irving back with the team.  This and more to wrap up another great year of JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast.  Stay safe and Happy New Year!


CFB Playoff Preview – 2:40

New NFL COVID Protocols – 18:50

NFL MVP – 35:15

More Impressive Win Streak – Chiefs or Dolphins? – 42:57

Kyrie Irving Returns – 50:45

Weekend Predictions – 1:02:55

Trivia Time – 1:07:10

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