Clemson-Notre Dame Recap, Steelers v. Cowboys Recap, Bruce Arians & TB12, Patriots & Cam, NBA Draft, Jeff Luhnow, and much more! | Ep. 66 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

It was a crazy, unpredictable weekend of football and JT and The Don are here to recap it for you.  Notre Dame pulled off an amazing upset of Clemson but would it have occurred if Trevor was playing?  JT and The Don answer that and all things Notre Dame in the opening segment of the show.  They also discuss what happened to the Steelers in Dallas and if it is a cause for concern.  Plus, Bruce Arians criticizes Tom Brady…again!  Is Cam back or is he regretting going to the Patriots?  They didn't forget about the NBA!  The fellas give you their top 5 picks of the upcoming week's NBA Draft.  Also, Jeff Luhnow, former Houston Astros GM, is back in the news for filing a lawsuit against his former team.  All of this and much more, you don't want to miss it.  Enjoy and stay safe!


Down Goes Clemson! – 1:50

ND Students Rush the Field – Punishment? – 5:03

Can Both Clemson & ND Make the CFP? – 10:38

Notre Dame in the ACC Full Time – 13:35

Steelers in Trouble? – 17:45

Tom Brady v. Bruce Arians – 26:25

Cam Newton – 34:10

Bill Belichick Leaving the Patriots? – 39:35

Our Super Bowl Revisited – 43:45

NFL Playoff COVID Policy – 49:51

NBA Season in December – 52:45

NBA Mock Draft – 57:46

Jeff Luhnow Sues the Astros – 1:01:15

Week 10 NFL Preview – 1:06:07

Weekend Predictions – 1:11:00


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