Chicago Blackhawks Daniel Carcillo Joins The Chi Kid Podcast

by | Apr 9, 2024 | GUAS News, NHL

In this episode of the Chi Kid Podcast, Daniel Carcillo, a two-time Stanley Cup champion and CEO, shares his story growing up in King City, Canada, where hockey played a significant role in his life. Carcillo discusses how hockey was a crucial aspect of life in Ontario and Canada, with over 900,000 Minor Hockey League players, and how not playing meant being excluded from social circles. He learned the importance of physical force to achieve his goals and eventually turned to fighting as an additional skill to help him get into and stay in the league. Carcillo reflects on his draft day experience, his time with the Chicago Blackhawks during their Stanley Cup run, and his advocacy work, including his experiences with hazing and the use of emerging medicines like psilocybin to treat concussion symptoms. He also discusses his personal struggles with brain injuries and the impact they had on his life, as well as his advocacy for mindfulness practices and medical cannabis. Throughout the conversation, Carcillo emphasizes the importance of being a good teammate, creating a positive atmosphere, and providing support for players suffering from trauma and neurodegenerative diseases.


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