Bulls v. Patriots Dynasty, 2020 MLB Season, 2020 NFL Schedule Release, and more! | Ep. 47 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

JT and The Don discuss what the 2020 baseball season might look like and if the players should agree to the proposed 50/50 revenue split.  Sounds like a salary cap!  Will there be a wave of top high school basketball players to bypass college and sign with the G-League?  JT and The Don give you their opinion on that and on the lawsuit against Zion Williamson.  Plus, they go over ESPN's top 10 all-time NBA player list and the biggest NFL games to watch this upcoming season.  The fellas also discuss Jordan's top 3 best NBA individual opponents he faced in the NBA Finals, whether the Bulls or Patriots dynasty is more impressive, biggest upset in the history of sports, and much more!  Enjoy!

Episode 47 Rundown

2020 MLB Season – 2:05

G-League Pays Players $500K – 12:10

Will Zion's Lawsuit Ruin Duke and Coach K? – 18:50

Should the Chiefs Extend Mahomes before Watson? – 26:00

ESPN's Top 10 All-Time NBA Players List – 34:40

Biggest NFL Games in 2020 – 45:35

MJ vs. The Glove  – 49:30

Michael Jordan's Top 3 NBA Finals Opponents – 1:01:10

Bryce Harper wants MLB Stars in the Olympics – 1:03:00

Russell Wilson to the Browns? – 1:06:45

Tom Brady & Josh McDaniels – 1:09:50

Is Coronavirus stopping Dak's Contract Negotiations? – 1:15:00

Better Dynasty – Bulls v. Patriots – 1:18:15

Biggest Upsets in Sports History – 1:20:55

Best Team Never to Win a Championship – 1:22:55

Trivia Time – 1:29:30

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