Bill O’Brien Fired, More COVID & NFL, QBs Benched, Fantasy Football Talk, and more! | Ep. 62 | JT and The Don All-Sports Podcast

JT and The Don talk a lot of football in episode 62 of this quickly growing sports podcast.  They discuss the right coach to replace Bill O'Brien in Houston.  Also, they give their opinions on what the consequences should be for NFL teams who violate protocols related to COVID-19.  The fellas discuss what went wrong for quarterbacks Dwayne Haskins and Mitch Trubisky as they have been benched.  Plus, you do not want to miss the fellas discussing fantasy football through four weeks of the season.  As you already know, you'll want to listen to weekend predictions.  Enjoy and stay safe!


Bill O'Brien – 1:20

Tennessee Titans COVID Epidemic – 5:50

Future of Dwayne Haskins and Mitch Trubisky – 10:48

Fantasy Football Surprises – 19:17

Fantasy Football Disappointments – 21:22

NFL Week 5 Storylines – 24:35

Weekend Predictions – 28:53

Shoutouts – 33:23

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